Frequently asked questions

How do I open a trade account?

To open a trade account you simply sign up on our website and once accepted you will be able to log in and purchase through the site using credit card, debit card or bank transfer (Bank transfer only for overseas customers). We are not currently offering any more credit accounts. In addition, if you leave the check box ticked near the bottom of the sign up form which says "send me stock updates & deals" we will then add you to our email database to receive future email alerts as new stock arrives. This is especially important as some of our one off stock deals can sell out very quickly so it's an ideal way of keep you alert of the latest arrivals & deals.

Can you supply stock/price lists with EAN in CSV/Excel or any other format?

We are currently unable to supply stock/price lists, however our new website is in the process of being built and should be ready in Autumn 2021 and you will then be able to download automated price lists with barcode numbers. Meanwhile It's important to make sure you are also signed up to our email database which will keep you updated on the latest stock arrivals with prices & deals.

Do you offer drop shipping?

We do not offer drop shipping due to the fact that we sell at discounted trade prices so our margins do not make it economically viable to drop ship. However, it is definitely worth considering buying directly from us as a lot of our stock is available in small minimum orders and our prices are generally a lot lower than drop shipper prices allowing you to increase your margins and trade in certain competitive categories where drop shipping margins may normally prevent you from doing so. We provide UK delivery and can deliver to your fulfilment/storage warehouse, storage units, home or business address.

Do you deliver?

Yes we offer fast dispatch & delivery across the UK and further details can be found on our delivery page HERE

Can I collect from you?

Due to the ongoing COVID situation we are not able to facilitate collections from our warehouse until further notice. This will last until at least the end of 2021 and then after that we will be reviewing the situtation to make a decision on whether we will re-open for collections again or not. However, we do provide fast & efficient UK delivery on all products purchased from us. Further details can be found on our delivery page by clicking HERE

Do you retail stock directly to consumers?

No we do not retail directly to consumers. We only supply wholesale to trade customers as we believe it would be unethical to compete against our customers.

Can I view stock before purchasing?

Due to the ongoing COVID situation we are currently unable to facilitate viewing on stock and this will last until at least the end of 2021 and then we will make a decision if we are going to open for viewings after that time. However, even prior to this current situation very few of our customers wanted to view stock as there was simply no need. We only supply new stock and do not supply returns/seconds like some clearance companies so you can purchase in confidence through our website or over the phone knowing that the stock is all new. We provide details on the products on our website listings along with photos and prices allowing you to complete the whole buying process quickly & efficiently and with our fast delivery you can have the products on sale within days and beat your competition to it.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order varies from product to product and will be shown on each product listing on our website along with price breaks if available. We sell from a box of product up to a lorry load depending on the quantity we have purchased so if you are interested in bigger quantities than you can see listed it's always worth contacting us to see how much stock we have available of the product you are interested in.

Do you supply samples?

We do not supply samples however we do split a lot of the loads into smaller quantities so even if we have purchased a lorry load of one product, it is often available on our website to purchase in much smaller quantities often from as little as one or two boxes so in most cases you can purchase the minimum order and trial the product easily without investing large amounts.

Where can I sell your products?

For the majority of our stock there should be no restrictions on its resale and in reality we hear of very few problems in the online listing of our stock, however, we are unable to make any guarantees as to where any of our stock can or can't be sold. Some selling platforms also have their own rules, terms or reasons why they may not let you list a product and this would be an issue between you and the sales platform. We are unable to offer any further documentation for Amazon sellers apart from your sales invoice. As per our terms & conditions we do not accept refunds for any reason including if any sales platform rejects your application to sell a product on there. You may be able to get listing advice from third party specialist companies that deal with overcoming sales listing issues on certain platforms.

Do you deliver directly to Amazon?

We do not deliver directly to Amazon. We can deliver to your business address, home address, storage unit or fulfilment company (subject to their delivery rules). You can arrange your own courier to collect from us and deliver to Amazon if you wish. PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer in-person collections so you are not able to collect from us in person. Only couriers can collect on your behalf.

Do you offer any labelling services?

We do not offer any labelling services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, credit card or debit card (bank transfer only for international customers). Credit/Debit card payments are limited to £3,000 and orders over this amount can be paid by bank transfer either by emailing us or directly through our website by selecting "manual payment" at checkout. We do not accept PayPal or any other payment methods.

Do you offer refunds once an order has been placed?

As a trade wholesaler we do not offer refunds/cancellations once an order has been placed and paid for regardless of whether the order has been dispatched or not. We work hard to ensure our pricing is very competitive and due to this it is not cost effective to offer refunds/cancellations.

Are all your goods new?

Yes we only sell new stock.